In my life, I have found that without that process of creating on a constant basis, I feel empty. Without the ability to express myself creatively, I’m not sure what other profession I would turn to. I fully intend to become an art therapist because I have found that the only way I myself come to understand the world is through that constant communication of ideas, feelings, and concepts. Although it is said that no one can fully understand another, I think the gap is smallest between us when we tap into those parts of our minds. 

I don’t know if my love of art could be chalked up to a single piece, or even a single genre. If my answer is meant to explain my reason for pursuing art, then that is an entirely different question for me. I love the way that oil-based ink is used in printmaking. I love the way that clay starts off soft and malleable and transforms into strong, colorful sculptural pieces. I love how watercolor spreads along paper fibers. I sit and paint now and literally just watch the acrylic dry and become tacky, until it’s okay to spread my fingers along the newly created textures. Nobody will go to museums with me anymore because where some would spend only minutes observing a painting, I can spend hours.

I think the creative spirit and the creative mind is a product of human existence that makes sense to me in a way I can’t describe. My love of art comes from my love of people. Successful artists evolve constantly in order to react to the world around them. They must remain sensitive in order to understand, and subsequently be understood.

I know that when your passion for art becomes your career, it is easy to lose that sort of deep love for your process. It becomes work, fueled by deadlines and anxiety. When it comes from your heart, it remains pure. This is where I’ll post that.