My work is a series of fragmented constructions meant to communicate the nature loss and the process of self-acceptance. I explore the unintended consequences of unorthodox familial structures. I fragment in order to gain perspective and isolate moments from my past that shine most brightly in my memory. The use of stitching alludes to the self-obsessive nature of trauma and the desire to overcome those experiences. In line with counting and repetition, my pieces narrate the passage of time and the cognitive dissonance experienced when control is either lost or gained.

In my life, I have found that without that process of creating on a constant basis, I feel empty. Without the ability to express myself creatively, I’m not sure what other profession I would turn to. I fully intend to become an art therapist because I have found that the only way I myself come to understand the world is through that constant communication of ideas, feelings, and concepts. Although it is said that no one can fully understand another, I think the gap is smallest between us when we tap into those parts of our minds. 

I don’t know if my love of art could be chalked up to a single piece, or even a single genre. If my answer is meant to explain my reason for pursuing art, then that is an entirely different question for me. I think the creative spirit and the creative mind is a product of human existence that makes sense to me in a way I can’t describe. My love of art comes from my love of people. Successful artists evolve constantly in order to react to the world around them. They must remain sensitive in order to understand, and subsequently be understood.